Description of Rates

Rents quoted for this facility include all operating expenses and taxes. Unless stated otherwise, add a $1.50/RSF allowance for electricity, heat, and cooling.

Many commercial properties quote rent at NET rates (NNN) which excludes utilities and operating expenses. When adding back these additional expenses, the actual lease cost can be as much as double the quoted Triple-Net rate per square foot. Be aware of this when comparing rental rates.

All rents for this facility include:

Water and Sewer
Snow Plowing
Access to Building Dumpster
Building Security System
Cleaning of Common Areas
Pro-Rated Share of Building Property Tax Base
All Operating Expenses

Electricity for supplemental HVAC or electrically-operated equipment other than lighting and standard office equipment will be metered and billed separately.

First Floor

Suite 110A - Climate-Controlled Warehouse
3,326 RSF

Suite 110C – Cleanroom Suite: ISO Class 6 (1,000) Precision Assembly, ISO Class 7 (10,000) Material Prep, and ISO Class 8 (100,000)
493 RSF

Suite 120 – Office Suite: Private Offices, Flex Space, Kitchenette
3,500 RSF

Suite 100 – Climate-Controlled Warehouse, Office, Welding Rm
2,100 RSF

Suite 110 – Office Suite: Pvt Offices, Conf Rm, Lab, Kitchenette
3,550 RSF

Suite 115 – Office Space and Lab

Suite 110B - High-Bay Lab, Manufacturing Space
consists of 2,116 RSF plus 702 RSF caged mezzanine

Second Floor

Combined Suites 210-215 – Office Suite: Private Offices, Labs, Conf Rms, Flex Space
9,230 RSF

Suite 210 – Office Suite: Private Offices, Lab, Conf Rms, Server Rm, SCIF/SAPF Rm, Flex Space, kitchenette
4,660 RSF

Suite 215 - Office Suite: Private Offices, Labs, Server Rms, Flex Space
4,570 RSF

Suite 200 – Office Suite: Private Offices, Lab, Flex Space, Telecom/Server Room, Kitchenette
6,200 RSF

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Acton MA 01720