Suite 110 - 3,550 RSF Office Suite with Lab

Suite entrance shown off foyer, directly by building entrance. Viewing suite entrance Seven private offices with windows 12' 9in x 13' 12' 9in x 13' Frosted glass door and windows 19' 5in x 14' Generous space for printing/fax station, filing, bookshelves etc.

Flexible Commercial Business Space For Lease

This sunny, ground-floor office suite is located right off 42 Nagog Park's bright, open, sunny foyer in prime position within the building. The central area of this suite supports a conference room and is surrounded by seven private offices, a kitchenette/break room and a tiled lab. Currently wired for 120A, power up to three times that is readily available to the entire suite including lab.

Private Offices | Conference Room | Lab | Kitchenette

Egress from the back of the lab conveniently leads to the adjacent common hallway that leads to a double-doored loading dock and recycling zone. Just across the foyer lies the cleanroom suite which is available to rent by 42 Nagog Park office tenants.

Rental Rate - includes all operating expenses and taxes.

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